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The Shelby County Correctional Facility is a 188 bed county owned jail located in Sidney, Ohio. We are located at 555 Gearhart Road and have been located here since 1994.

Before 1994 we were located in the downtown area of Sidney and had capacity to hold only 39 male inmates. Today we have the ability to house males, females, and even juveniles on a limited time basis.

We are proud to have achieved 100% compliance with the Ohio Bureau of Adult Detention Minimum Jail Standards for 2005. We are striving to achieve this goal every year.

The jail offers work release and inmate worker positions to those who qualify. Programs such as G.E.D., drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs and many other enrichment classes are offered as well.

Our daily population is 113 inmates, with a record high of 155 people housed here.

The daily meals are subcontracted out to A.B.L. Management. The meals are prepared on site using an inmate work force to assist the cook in preparations.

The jail’s Correctional Staff consists of 31 employees with a mix of Deputy supervisors, Corrections Officers and medical staff.

We also have one transport officer to handle the transportation of inmates to and from court, prison and various other appointments.

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For more information, or to schedule a tour contact us at (937) 498-7831.

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